Most common distance routes by car: 

85km from Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG) 

⇒ 98km from Thessaloniki city center ( Aristotelous square)

⇒ 39km from Nea Moudania village 

65km from Poligyros ( capital of Halkidiki)

126km from Ouranoupoli


By bus: 

An easy way to travel in the inner part of Halkidiki without using car is by bus of KTEL Halkidiki which has frequent services every day. 

There are also regular routes to Halkidiki from Thessaloniki main station. 


Useful phones

Police: 100 

Fire department: 199

Ambulance: 166


As we welcome you back in Seapaint Studios, in Polichrono, we will do our best for our valuable guests, providing a protected environment so as to ensure safety and comfort.

What we do for you:

  • Adapted check in and check out time to ensure adequate space for social distancing. Check in time: 3pm and check out time: 11am
  • Regular sanitisation of all equipment such as room keys, POS and surfaces
  • Detailed cleaning and disinfection upon every room change
  • Guests are required to maintain distances and to limit face-to-face interactions
  • Guests are required to report any symptoms of illness to the owner of Seapaint Studios
  • Cleaning service in the room offered only upon request one day in advance
  • We recommend guests vacate the room during cleaning process
  • All rooms will be cleaned with a steam cleaner

Action Plan for suspected cases

In the unlikely event of a suspected case, EODY (government) protocols will be activated and the following will be applied:

  1. A specific doctor is called to evaluate the incident
  2. If the patient urgently needs hospitalization, he is referred to the relevant health unit, as a suspected Covid-19 case. In case if the relevant health unit of the area is not possible to manage a Covid-19 incident, there must be a provision for transporting the patient (ambulance, floating ambulance, air transport) to the nearest health unit where the incident could be managed
  3. If the patient has a mild clinical picture, a sample is taken from the doctor for Covid-19 confirmation
  4. The patient with mild clinical picture remains in his/her room until the results of the test are announced
  5. During the above waiting period in the room, entry of staff is avoided, if there is no significant reason. If there is a special need, a staff member is recommended to deal exclusively with the suspected case
  6. If the incident is assessed as a possible Covid-19 from the doctor, the hotel owner IMMEDIATELY communicates with EODY at 210 5212054 or the special four-digit number 1135 (24/7), for reporting the suspected case for receiving instructions on how to deal with it
  7. The doctor and the staff of the hotel, entering the room of the suspected or later confirmed case, MUST use high-protection personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves, googles and waterproof disposable robes. The same applies for the staff who deal with the cleaning of a patient’s room with Covid-19
  8. If the case is confirmed as Covid-19, it is transferred to the special quarantine hotel and later to a health unit that will accommodate patients with Covid-19, if the need to undergo a treatment. If not confirmed as a case of Covid-19, it is treated at the hotel with the instructions of a specialized doctor
  9. The patient is transported with a simple surgical mask and private means of transport
  10. If a companion wish to stay close to the suspected case (spouse, husband, children etc), he/she should be given a simple surgical mask and advised to wash hands regularly and every time he/she comes in contact with secretions of the patient (i.e saliva) and definitely before the companion touches his/her face or eats or drinks
  11. The companion’s contact details should always be recorded if consent is required for interventions where the patient could not communicate
  12. Used protective equipment (surgical mask, gloves etc), should be disposed in a bucket and never used again
  13. After disposing of protective equipment, hands should be thoroughly washed with soap preferable antibacterial and water. The use of gloves does not replace hand washing, which is a very important means of prevention
 Special health protocols for tourism companies in the context of taking measures against Covid-19

We look forward to welcoming you at Seapaint Studios soon. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on or +30 6974 855 453 for more information